Work permit
For foreigners in Vietnam

Vietnam - Attractive destination for foreign workers

Vietnam, with its increasingly open investment environment, attracts a large number of foreign workers to work.
However, to ensure national order and security, the issuance of work permits to foreigners (LDL) is carried out according to a strict process to protect the rights of workers and develop the labor market. effective movement.

A work permit is a document issued by a competent state agency to foreigners who are legally allowed to work in Vietnam.
It is not only a legal certification but also a "key" that opens the door of opportunities for foreign workers, helping them:
1. Work legally: A work permit is a legal document that allows foreigners to work in Vietnam legally, ensuring rights and obligations according to the law.
2. Increase job opportunities: Many attractive positions require candidates to have a work permit, opening up opportunities for advancement and career development for foreign workers.
3. Enjoy benefits: Employees with a work permit enjoy benefits such as social insurance, health insurance, vacation time, holidays,... similar to Vietnamese workers.
4. Live with peace of mind: A work permit helps foreigners live and work in Vietnam with peace of mind without worrying about breaking the law.

Giấy phép lao động cho người nước ngoài tại Việt Nam (1)

The journey of "overcoming obstacles" to apply for a Work License:

The process of applying for a work permit is quite complicated, requiring careful preparation of many types of documents and compliance with strict procedures. Key steps include:
1. Submit application: The employer (employer) submits the application for granting a work permit to foreign workers (foreign workers) according to regulations. The profile includes many documents such as: Labor contract, documents proving identity, documents proving capacity, professional qualifications,...

2. Appraisal of documents: The competent state agency will appraise the documents, evaluate the legality and conditions of the tourism industry and foreign workers, ensuring that they meet the prescribed requirements.
3. Issuing a Labor License: If the application is valid, the foreign employee will be issued a Labor License, valid for the term of the labor contract.
Note: Specific procedures may vary depending on the nationality of foreign employees, business lines and work location.

Using the support service for applying for a work permit at The Way brings many benefits to tourists and foreign workers:

+ Save time and costs: The Way's team of experts will help you complete your documents quickly and accurately, avoid errors and cumbersome procedures, and minimize costs incurred.
+ Increase success rate: Thanks to understanding the law and process, experts will optimize your profile, increasing the possibility of being granted a work permit successfully and quickly.
+ Receive in-depth advice: You will receive support to answer all questions, provide updated information on labor laws and related regulations, helping you comply with the law.
+ Recruit with peace of mind: NSDL can confidently recruit qualified foreign workers, ensuring security, order and a legal working environment.
Labor licenses play an important role in managing foreign workers in Vietnam, ensuring workers' rights and national security and order. Using a reputable Labor License application support service will help tourism designers and foreign workers save time, effort, optimize efficiency and feel secure during the working process.

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