Temporary residence card
How strong is Vietnam?
Why should foreigners have one?


Temporary residence card (TTT) is a type of document issued by the immigration management agency or a competent agency of the Ministry of Foreign Affairs to foreigners who are allowed to reside for a certain period of time in Vietnam and has the value of replacing the market (visa).

Compared to visas, TTT possesses many outstanding advantages, becoming a "master key" that opens the door to new opportunities for foreigners in Vietnam.

Benefits after being granted TTT:

+ Have legitimate and legal rights protected in Vietnamese territory.
+ Visa exemption when leaving or entering the country when carrying a valid temporary residence card.

+ You can exit and enter the country many times without having to spend money on visa extension.
+ Stay in Vietnam throughout the term of your temporary residence card without needing to renew your visa multiple times.
+ Can easily open a bank account in Vietnam, make convenient payment transactions and financial management.
+ Foreigners can easily rent houses, register businesses and participate in economic activities in Vietnam.
+ Foreigners enjoy high quality medical and educational services in Vietnam.
+ In particular, foreigners can proceed with marriage procedures in Vietnam.

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Why should you use the TTT registration support service?

The TTT registration process can be difficult due to complex procedures and requires careful preparation of many types of documents. Using the reputable TTT registration support service at The Way helps foreigners:

+ Save time and costs.
+ Receive in-depth, legal advice.

+ Live with peace of mind.

Get a temporary residence card now to enjoy all the benefits of living in Vietnam!
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