Paperwork Management Software


Paperwork is groundbreaking work management software, researched and developed by G Office's experienced IT team. We understand that effective work management is a key factor in helping businesses achieve success. With Paperwork, we are committed to bringing you a comprehensive solution, helping you optimize your workflow and improve work efficiency.


Paperwork software helps businesses manage, track and evaluate the effectiveness of all work easily, clearly and comprehensively on a single system. Paperwork's friendly and intuitive interface helps users quickly get used to and use the software without any difficulty. From assigning tasks, tracking progress, to evaluating work efficiency, all information is continuously updated and clearly displayed, helping you grasp the work situation accurately and promptly. time.


With Paperwork, you will no longer have to worry about missing tasks or falling behind schedule. All work will be organized scientifically, systematically and easily managed. Let Paperwork become your powerful assistant, helping you focus on important tasks and achieve outstanding success. G Office believes that Paperwork will be the perfect solution for every business that wants to improve efficiency and work quality.







Create new common work groups for each department.
Group work according to each activity.
View employee access history.
Add, change, and move workgroups.
Understand the number of employees participating in the job.
Choose the level and time to complete the job.
Store work exchange history.
Evaluate and close the completed work group.
Receive new notifications about assigned work.
Communicate, report and complete work.
Attach report file.
Get contact information for employees.
Add, check, change, delete employee information.
Search employees by position, department, and education level.
Assign access rights by position.



Paperwork is not only a work management software, but also a reliable companion on the path of business development. Don't let work become a burden, let Paperwork help you optimize every process, focus on important tasks and conquer every goal. Experience the difference with Paperwork and discover the true potential of your business.


Let us accompany you on your journey to success!


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