Private Office 

in common office space


Private office, in modern office space, high class.
High class meeting room, luxury lounge, interview room.
Office equipment: Printers, Scan, Photo, projector, fax.
Office services: drinking water, tea, coffee.
Receptionist and security.
High speed internet, wifi, voice, video conference, call center, voice mail, voice mail.
Professional IT support.



Our experience

The experience of organizing and managing office of G Office will bring to customers the convenience, professionalism and reasonable price.



Customers own private rooms, ensuring privacy and security, but still inherit the full benefits of an open office.



The support in information technology and telecommunications will bring customers many benefits and reduce management costs, increase the efficiency of work.

With a network of many branches in central districts of Ho Chi Minh City, G Office brings many things

Choosing a full-service office package, customers can enjoy many technological and professional office amenities.