International driving license

Overcoming international traffic "barriers": Instructions for applying for an International Driving License

Are you planning on traveling abroad or settling permanently in another country? The dream of traveling on new roads and exploring distant lands will become easier than ever when you own an International Driving License (International Driving License).
An international driving license (International Driving License) is the "key" to turning your dream into reality, helping you conquer all roads confidently and safely.


thủ tục đăng ký giấy phép lái xe quốc tế

Why do Vietnamese people need an international driving license?

1. Legal requirements:

An international driving license is a mandatory document for Vietnamese people to legally drive in most countries around the world. Driving without an international license can lead to violations of the law and heavy penalties, affecting your travel or settlement plans.

2. Freedom to move and explore:

Owning an international license, you can freely rent a car and drive abroad, freely explore new places, experience unique cultures without having to rely on public transportation or taxi services.

3. Cost savings:

Compared to using a car rental service with a driver or a taxi, driving yourself is more economical, more comfortable, and especially when you travel a lot or go with family or friends.

4. Enhance travel experience:

Driving helps you be proactive about your schedule, time and places to visit, providing a more enjoyable and memorable travel experience.

5. Advantages for settlement:

An international driver's license is one of the necessary documents to apply for a national driver's license in the host country, helping you easily integrate and live here.

"Matrix" of international driving license types:
Currently, there are two popular types of international driving licenses issued in Vietnam:

IDP – International driving license issued by the General Department of Vietnam Road Administration
This type of license is an A6 sized book (148mm x 105mm) similar in shape to a passport with a photo and information of the owner. The IDP has a security symbol, gray cards, and white inner pages according to the form prescribed by law.
+ IDP is used in 85 countries under the Vienna Convention on Road Traffic. The IDP license is only recognized when accompanied by a domestic driving license for comparison.
+ IDP has a maximum validity of 3 years and must not exceed the validity period of the domestic driver's license.
- Advantages: Recognized in 75 countries, including European countries, North America, Japan, Korea,...

- Disadvantages: Not accepted in some countries

IAA – International driving license issued by the international automobile association IAA headquartered in New York
+ IAA is an International Driving License issued by the international automobile association IAA headquartered in New York. Includes driver's license with PET plastic card with owner information book and listing of 190+ countries used.

+ Unlike IDP, IAA has a longer shelf life of 1, 3, 5, 10 and a maximum of 20 years.
Important note: The International Driver's License is not the IAA (International Automobile Association) international driver's license as introduced by service websites and can be used in 190 countries. In fact, this type of paper has no legal value. The IAA license is only a translation, it clearly states that you must bring the original driver's license in Vietnam to be valid. (ie only effective when accompanied by a major)
- Advantages: Recognized in nearly 200 countries around the world, including countries that do not accept IDPs
- Disadvantages: Some countries may require an additional national license when checking.

Helpful advice:
+ Determine the country you will visit to choose the appropriate international license type.

+ You should apply for an international driving license at least 1-2 months before departure to ensure enough time.
+ Bring your international driving license and national driving license when driving abroad.
+ Obey traffic rules in the country you are driving in.​

+ Hotline: 0909.411.148 / 0849.567.417