Foreign investment license
The key that opens the door to potential!

A foreign investment license is an indispensable "passport" for international investors when entering the potential Vietnamese market.
This article will provide you with detailed information about foreign investment licenses, types, licensing processes and benefits when using professional support services.

"Lost" in the foreign investment license matrix?

Vietnamese law regulates two main types of foreign investment licenses:
1. Investment registration certificate (GCNDDT): For large-scale investment projects, in conditional business lines or on the list prescribed by the Government.

2. Business registration certificate with investment lines (GCDKKD): Applicable to investment projects with a smaller scale, in the field of free business or issued to investment projects requiring only Business Registration.

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Journey to "overcome obstacles" to apply for a license:

The process of granting foreign investment licenses is detailed in the Investment Law and related legal documents. Summary of main steps as follows:
1. Submit application: The investor submits the application for an investment license to the competent state agency according to regulations. Records include many complex documents, requiring careful and accurate preparation.
2. Document appraisal: Competent state agencies will conduct appraisal of documents, assessing the legality, feasibility and compliance with legal regulations of the investment project.
3. Issuance of investment license: If the application is valid, the investor will be granted an investment license, officially allowed to conduct investment activities in Vietnam.
Note: Specific processes may vary depending on the type of project, business line and project location.

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"Secrets" to optimize investment efficiency with support services from The Way

What benefits does using The Way's foreign investment license registration support service bring to investors?
1. Save time and costs: The Way's experienced team of experts will help you complete your documents quickly and accurately, avoid errors and cumbersome procedures, and minimize costs incurred.
2. Increase success rate: Thanks to understanding the law and process, experts will optimize your profile, increasing the likelihood of being successfully licensed.
3. Receive in-depth advice: You will receive support to answer all questions, provide updated information on investment laws and preferential policies, helping you make wise investment decisions.
4. Invest with peace of mind: With professional support, you can completely focus on project implementation and optimize investment efficiency.
Foreign investment licenses play a key role in the success of investment activities in Vietnam. Using a reputable foreign investment license registration support service will help you save time, effort, optimize investment efficiency and feel secure in doing business.

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