1. The introduction about the customer’s virutal office service journey

     At the beginning, I have no experience in business so I lost a lot of money. That time was really frightened because money was the most important thing. I have learned finacial management and cash flow management effectively as well. When my business grows and I overload with the work, I decided to hire the employees to share and makes everything goes well.

      I planned to use my private house as a place to the employees work to decrease the company’s budget. However, the private house is really convenient in the reality because it saves leasing private office money and all my team can be flexible about the working time the the busy days. But for long, I want to build a strong brand and trusted image with my customers and partners, so the private house isn’t suitable in this situation.

     In many cases, my private house doesn’t have the luxurious space and quite area to meet and negotiate with customers and partners. This is the first disadvantage. More than that, with the plan to launch everything on social media, I with my team am going to do a lot of things relating to office images and working dairy videos to push the engagemant and build trust of the customers. However, the space isn’t good enough for that plan.

     That’s why I decide to search about the service that can meet my needs. That service should help me to lease a golden address to be easy deal with clients and partners while I can use my private house for the employees. Luckily, I found virtual office service of G-Office that completely adapt all my requests.

2. Advantages of virtual office service in customer’s mind

     The biggest advantage from virtual office service is a very low price that I have to paid for a conveninent address. I achieve many goals that I plan to optimize my business actitives with this reasonable price.

     Firstly, I choose G Office because it has reputation and branches in many years. I definitely have more options to lease an address where I think it’s convenient. I can depend on the goals of my company to consider the address from virutal office service among buildings on district 1, district 3 or Tan Binh district. After hearing the advice from my staffs and G Office salesperson, I decided to use virtual office service at Saigon Trade Center because of the traffic and easy to move for employees.

     Secondly, I’m supported many office utilities by G Office even though I just use the lowest price service package. I usually book the meeting room in the morning to meet my team and discuss about the next business plan. I can use the mordern projector and pantry which is free coffee, tea and water. All my staffs who come here to join the meeting are really enjoy the space as well. They’re offering me to lease a private office at Saigon Trade Center instead of just using the virtual office service. They say that they don’t want to spend 10 minutes to move between the private house and the building.

     Thirdly, my biggest goal is to have a polite and comfortable space to meet and negotiate with my partners and customers so the virtual office service is very suitable. G Office will support me in the reception service, receiving the package and answering the calls. That makes my work become more and more sinple. I just need to arrange the time and send the invitation letters to any partners or customers who are interested in my products. Moreover, I have a clear view about building a strong brand accompanied with producing the best products. That’s why I really take a deep look into social media to push my brand to reach out many ideal clients. When I use virutal office service at Saigon Trade Center, I have more chance to take some professional picture and video for the media projects.

3. Disadvantages of virtual office service in customer’s viewpoint

     Though this service is completely has a lot of complimentary aspects, I have to give some disadvantages in my view straightly.

     Firstly, when I choose the lowest price package, there are some utilities which don’t support as printing the namecards. I think these office utilities will help SMEs a lot in the business activities.

     Secondly, we all know that using the virtual office service is useful for SMEs or startups in building trust and improve the image in their customers’ eye. But in a long road, it’s not suitable if your business wants to be more professional. You should lease the private office instead to meet the needs in business. I consider myself for that now.

4. Appreciation from a customer

      When I put the first brick to build the wall, it was really hard to me because there’re tons of problems which happened at the same time. I decide that business is the greatest goal in my life. I have passion with it so I go slowly but firmly. You know that the foundation must be strong enough to lift the things above.

     In the end, I want to say thank you to G Office because the service is absolutely amazing. Especially with SMEs and startups, it’s more than a service. It’s a strong support for us to keep the confidence in business. Thanks for everything.