First of all, I’m very sorry because of replying the email late. I just have some free time to write the feedback as you requested after finishing my business trip.

      I’ve used your service 2 years until now. I never think that I have a chance to write about my experience someday. Maybe because I’m too complex and not flexible or your company is really brave. I know that it’s really hard for companies in service industry to ask customers to judge their service in reality.

1. Why does customer choose shared office service of G Office?

       I will write the reasons why I choose your service during 2 years in detail.

      My company has many branches in Vietnam. Our headquarter is located in Ha Noi. I usually have many business trips from month to month so I definitely have less time to work at the main office.

      Company’s plan is to focus on the South market now, epecially in Ho Chi Minh city. Thus, I have to move to here to work all the time. I need a professional place and office utilities as well to be sure that my job not only works well but every problem can be handled and solved effectively in the time of expanding the marketplace. I also usually have meeting with customers and partners. That’s why the luxurious space is necessary for me more than ever.

2. Customer experience during service using process at G Office  

      I think shared office service brings me a lot of valuation. I just lease a dedicated desk in a coworking space at G Office. My desk is set up with full of suitable furniture. I work in a sharing space with 3 to 4 colleagues from other company. We can use and share the common utilities as the guest lobby; meeting room; free coffee, tea and water in the pantry; photocopier, scanner,...Eventhough I and other colleagues work independently, we usually talk and share about some problems in breaktime. So I always feel the corporation and connection although I work alone in Ho Chi Minh city.

      Second is about the coworking space. I used to lease the dedicated desk in 4 branches of G Office. In my opinion, every branch has their own unique space decoration. Saigon Trade Center has the vintage concept, Vincom Center is fancy and Hado Airport Building is green. But I like the space at Rosana Tower the most because of the simple and elegant style.   

     Third is about the cost of dedicated service in sharing environment. I think the price is afforadable enough for my company to pay. It’s so reasonable along with the quality from service and advantages from utilities. In my case, I can be flexible to lease the dedicated desk at any branches in the G Office’s system and access to the standard office utilities. I have the receptionist who will receive the calls and packages from partners. I’m also supported by IT department to fix some problems sometimes happening with my laptop and email. I aslo ask the other friends who lease the dedicated desks as me. They say that the price is cheaper. So when I take the role in other works in the furture, I will recommend my company to lease permanent desks for these coworkers who will replace my position here.

3. Appreciation from a customer

      I and my team achieved a lot of positive results after 2 years. We received many good feedbacks from the marketplace and customer so the expanding plan was partial successful. The shared office service (dedicated desk) of G Office contributed many things in this success. You supported and comforted me in a beginning and hard stage of the business.

      I want to say “thank you” to all the staffs at G Office. You provided a good service more than what the customer can expect. I hope that your service will be recognized more and more in the future. Goodluck!