1. Customer shares her experience about G Office

     When I was invited to share my experience about G Office’s service, I felt really happy. I think that I have the responsibility to tell the truth about the quality of the private office that I’m using now. I hope that through my sharing, my co-workers or any entrepreneurs will have a view clearly.

     I want to say thank you because of the G Office’s invitation and staffs’ kindness. I recognize that you have a wonderful customer service since you’re caring about the smallest details. You want to know the feedbacks and opinions from customers to improve more and more your service. That’s so good.

2. G Office’s private office using journey

     I’m Lawrence. I’m a co-founder and CEO of a e-commerce company. My company has just celebrated the one year birthday. It not only receive a lot of positive feedbacks from the market but also from the customers. It’s a good signal. I believe that my company will continue growing strongly and bring more valuation to the clients in the furture with my certain strategy for every stage.

     That’s my introduction. I’m talking about the private office that I’m using now. My team has total 6 members. We have been leasing a private office in the co-working space at G Office’s Hado Airport Building branch since August 2018.

     At the first stage of my business, I actually don’t have intent to lease the private office. My plan was to use the virtual office at a big building on district 1 at that time and the working space for my employees was arranged at my apartment. However, company’s budget was limited. If I decided to use this apartment, it would spend a lot of costs from the furniture, devices to the water bill, internet bill,…So I had many concerns if I would do as my first plan. I want to save and optimize the money as lowest as possible and invest all of the resouces to my company’s activities.

     So I started to search on the internet about the private office service that can provide me a reasonable price and modern space. I’m the one who came to many offices to see the space directly before making decision. But I realized that there’re two problems with the private office service. If the space is amazing, the price will not low. On the contrary, if the price is afforadable, the space is boring and the utility is very disappointed. Finally and luckily, I found G-Office and felt very satified with the price, space and following utilities.

3. The reasons why the customer wants to use G Office’s private room in a long time

     There’re a lot of things that make me want to use the service at Hado Airport Building branch.

    First of all is about the space. My company is still a startup. Our work requires a tons of innovation everyday. The pressure is really high because we must fix unlimited things to adapt the market needs. So I not only need a suitable working space but my staffs also need an inspiring one to keep the spirit. That’s why the coworking space concept at Hado Airport Building is completely acceptable with our requests. The sharing space is designed with the natural style outside and warm style inside. I think everything is really matched with each other and make workers energized. I usually take a hot coffee cup to sit at a little corner whenever I feel too tired.

      Second, it’s about the price. The space actually makes me satisfied but I’m still worried that the price is as high as the other companies.

     After I had sent the price by the salesperson, I was shocked. The price for the private room here is so reasonable and G-Office provides many qualified office utilities as well. I think that I receive things more than what I actually paid. I can use the larger meeting room, pantry, recruiting room, photocopy and scanner comfortably whenever I and my team want. Especially when any of members in my company get stuck in computer or technology problems, they’re always supported by the G Office IT’s department fast. I really love that.

     The third, I want to say about the building position. I was asked why I didn’t lease a private office service in a coworking space at a building on district 1 to move easily. But for me and my company, with the office at a building on Tan Binh district, we have more chance to meet and negotiate with customers around the country and from the foreign. The most important thing is the building that’s near to International Tan Son Nhat airport.

     At the end, it’s a little bit idealistic. My company develops in positive ways and stays stably since the day I decided to use the private room serivce here. I passed a one year milestone which is very scary with most of startups in the world. So I want to depend on this luck to grow and expand my company more and more. I believe it’s not luck randomly but the luck comes as the result of a thoughtful service from a professional company.

4. Appreciation from a customer

      I read all things that I write and see it’s too long. So I hope that through my experience and sharing above, you will have a close and detail look to the privated room serivce at G Office. Once again, thank you for all your efforts of G-Office to bring a better experience and service to customers. I will continue using your service until my company becomes a big giant in the industry. Thanks for everything.