Với phương châm hoạt động "Share Office – Share Cost",
G-Office mang đến cho Bạn Giải pháp văn phòng chia sẻ với mức chi phí hợp lý nhất.




All G-Office workstations come equipped with everything you need. We have contemporary interior furniture, high-speed Internet connectivity, fully staffed reception areas and state-of-the-art business lounges and guest areas.

When you lease or rent workstation space the traditional way you must outfit the entire space to your specifications at your own expense, which can take weeks or even months. With G-Office workstation service, you can begin working immediately. Unlike traditional leasing there is no need to hire an outside administrative staff to service your work space.

G-Office workstations can be configured to your specifications and ready in no time. You can sign your G-Office work space agreement in one day and start working in your new workstation the very next day.



Build your office one workstation at a time with self-contained, dedicated cubicles outfitted with state-of-the art equipment and ergonomic furniture,     a cost-effective solution for business professionals who require individual work areas.

 Part time Office(*) 

Maximize your productivity by paying only for the office time you use – but enjoy the full benefits of G-Office administrative and IT support while you're here. With 40 hours a month of private office time, a part-time office is optimal for professionals who require a local market presence but don’t   need a full-time office.


* Only available at Indochina Building. Adress :  04 Nguyen Dinh Chieu Street .